Call for Papers: Brussels 2018

Papers are invited for an upcoming conference The Use of Law by Social Movements and Civil Society, which will be held March 22-23, 2018.

The issue of how social movements and civil society orgnanizations make use of law has long been neglected by the sociology of social movements. This is probably partly due to the fact that law as such has been largely disregarded by sociologists in general throughout the 20th century, despite the fact that it did represent a privileged object of study for some of the founders of the discipline, such as Durkheim and Weber. But under the influence of Marx and Bourdieu, many sociologists have considered law as a mere mystification serving to mask inequalities and power relations as well as to reproduce economic and social domination.

This call is addressed to sociologists, lawyers, philosophers, anthropologists, political scientists, criminologists, historians, etc. who are interested in social movements and civil society in general and in the study of the use of law by activist groups in particular.

See the call for proposals for further details.

Proposals (max. 500 words) should be sent in English or French by 1 October  2017 to arc-strategiclitigation[@]

Please include name, institutional affiliation and a brief CV.

The conference will lead to the publication of a special issue in a leading journal. Some articles could also be published on openmovements. Acceptance of papers for presentation at the conference does not automatically imply their selection for publication. Papers selected for publication will be subject to a separate process of peer review.