Changes in practice and law

A selection of essays by members of the legal profession, including judges, counsel and solicitors, who explore a number of transformations in their profession both north and south of the border, over different time frames. They chart developments in aspects of practice and law that are of significance not only to lawyers but also to the societies that they serve.

These essays mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of the foundation of the Irish Legal History Society in 1988, and are a demonstration of the breadth and the scope of the society’s objective, to encourage the study and advance the knowledge of the history of Irish law.
Daire Hogan is a solicitor and a former president of the Irish Legal History Society, whose ground-breaking account of The legal profession in Ireland 1789–1922 was published in 1986 by The Incorporated Law Society of Ireland.

Colum Kenny is professor of communications at Dublin City University. Called to the bar in 1974, his books have included King’s Inns and the Kingdom of Ireland: the Irish ‘inn of court’ 1541–1800, published in 1992 by Irish Academic Press in association with the Irish Legal History Society.