Irish Legal History at the British Legal History Conference 2019

The British Legal History Conference takes place at the University of St Andrew’s, Scotland, from 10-13 July 2019.  The theme of the conference is ‘Comparative Legal History’. The closing date for registration is fast approaching (31 May), and the programme can be viewed here.

There is a packed programme, with several contributions from Irish scholars and on Irish themes, covering a number of periods, including:

  • Cordelia Beattie (Edinburgh), ‘Married Women’s Will-making in Late Medieval Ireland: A Comparative Approach’
  • Riona Doolan (University College Cork), ‘Arson and the Death Penalty in Early Irish Legal Material.’

Kevin Costello (University College Dublin), will deliver a paper on ‘The Doctrine of Employment at Will in England and the United States, 1750-1870’.

As well as some 75 papers, the conference also includes four plenary sessions:

  • Caroline Humfress (St Andrews), ‘Some Comparative Legal History: Lazarus and the Lawyers’
  • Alice Taylor (KCL), ‘What’s does Scotland’s earliest legal tractate actually say (and what does it mean)?’
  • Rebecca Probert (Exeter), ‘What Makes a Marriage? Religion, the State, and the Individual in the Long Nineteenth Century’
  • Ian Williams (UCL), ‘James VI and I, Rex et Iudex: One King as Judge in Two Kingdoms’

The final plenary panel is comprised Lorna Drummond (Sheriff of Tayside and Fife); Geoff Lindsay (Justice, Supreme Court of New South Wales)and Hector MacQueen (Edinburgh – Formerly Scottish Law Commission).

To round everything off, there will be a walking tour of St Andrew’s and a Ceilí on Friday.